MB sdconnect DAS Xentry Errors Failures and Solutions

Most concerned FAQ (press ctrl+f to search):  

Q: How to reset DAS language?
A: Right click the DAS icon on desktop to open DAS Properties and click Shortcut. The letter “en” after letter “l” means English language, so if you want to reset other language i.e. French then change as”fr”.

Click “OK” to save setting.
Q: How to reset Xentry language?
A: Click the blue Gear-like icon at the left corner of Xentry, then “Setting language” then the language you want, then click “OK” to agree restart Xentry.
Q: Got error after reset Xentry language.
A: Exit Xentry then reset your computer system language, for example, your Xentry version is 09/2019 then reset the time as any day of September, i.e 09/05/2016.


Q: Got error ” No valid DAS license; DAS will now be closed” after DAS activation.
A: 1. Go to C:// programme files/Mercedes-Benz/StartKeyCenter2 and open “StartKeyCenter.exe” (see below picture), if DAS activation is valid, then go to C:// then open DAS  folder to replace bin file (programme files/Mercedes-Benz/DAS) 2. If it displays activation is invalid, send DS Lan-ID to customer service to active.


Q: Run Xentry and got “2221-45” error.

A: Click C:// programme files/Mercedes-Benz/Xentry/fusoko/eclipse/plugins, delete “com.daimler.xentry.diagservice-…”.
Q: EWA-NET can’t star, how to solve?

A: Click computer “Start” then “EWA – NET Admin Tool” to enter.

  1. Click “Start EWA server” “”Start EPC server” “Start WIS server” (If they were started, click “Stop” then “Restart”.
  2. Reboot the computer then open EWA-NET to login.

Q: mb sdconnect firmware program lost, WIFI pass fails to reset and 204 error.

A: 1. Reason: the sdconnect Mux firmware program is deleted, the result is WIFI and SDC4 number can’t be reset.

Solution: update firmware, mb sdconnect c4 update guide:

  1. one-by-one update 01_Booimage_2_3.zip, then 02_CSD_2_10.zip, 03_PmPic29_Cpld13.zip.

Key: 1) Install new battery 2) Plug OBD cable into the car for power (or use OBD 12V battery adapter for replacement, otherwise you may get 622 error)

Q: after enter sdconnect Administration, got 749 error.


A: Go to “Local area connection” to reset IP address:


Q: sdconnect 30 and 31 error, have poor communication with cars.

A: Possible reasons:

  1. The cable and vehicle has poor communication.
  2. The wired and wireless IP is not reset as required.
  3. Run Star C3 software on sdconnect toolkit.
  4. If the above 3 pieces have no problem, maybe the MUX or the cable has problem. Contact email at your supplier.

    QiHang Technology Co,Ltd

    Email: sales@uobdiishop.com <7days 24hours>
    Skype: uobdiishop
    WeChat: + 86-15171416490
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